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© Jill Lynne 2018


The late, great Spiritually based Teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer noted, “Hope is the Song the Songbird sings PRE-Dawn…

Hope fuses with Faith and LOVE!

Hope is a Gift but it is also a Practice…

Hope is fragile…never to waste!

I had been struggling to write about what Hope Is…how it manifests…how to strengthen…

Our Society / World is so immersed in extreme negativity that positive reflections are difficult to come by. 

The lowering of our country’s Moral Compass, and the degradation of our global humanity affect us.

And for “sensitives” our Weltanschauung (World View} suffers…

My personal Hope – to broadcast “The Good News”– to affirm the Positive, to offer Inspiration and to be a Bearer of Light.  

More than ever I realize LOVE is Only what truly matters!!!

Al kinds of Love – deep and abiding, light-hearted. Love of Everyone and every being, Two-legged & Four, All Creatures – Flying & Swimming…Love of Spirit…

To practice, I offer this Equation:


My Mantra:


Most importantly to remember,

It is either LOVE or NOT LOVE!

No in-between… 

Now, We are called upon to be Ambassadors of LOVE…Giving LOVE, Open to Receiving LOVE, Infused with LOVE, Sharing LOVE.

Serendipitous that I am writing this on PRIDE Weekend, NYC 2018…

For I have long-championed Gay, Women’s’, Native American, Civil and Animal Rights…believing that Human Rights and Social Justice are sacred and must be Universal!

Gratefully I was raised in this tradition by activist, humanistic, charitable parents.

What I truly Hope is that the Future will be ONE of NO Division, non-divisive…

No Need to differentiate our selves by faux Differences.

We are all the Same in Spirit’s Eyes…There is No “Other”!!!

In my heart of hearts, Yours Truly is still that blonde Hippie-Chic who believes “Peace, Love & Rock n Roll” can Save-the-World… 

A kid with a camera in Spandex & Glitz…wide-eyed wondrous, whose Identity Character remains” Alice” in “Alice in Wonderland… 

But now, savvy with joyfully and painfully hard-earned wisdom, I daily learn more from our earth-school

For Moi, HOPE is inspired by so very many things…Tiny and Grand Blessings…

Whatever – to quote the Desiderata once again – “Keep PEACE with your Soul…” 


Jill Lynne

Photographer, Writer


 PRIDE Aids Memorial, Bank Street NYC © Jill Lynne 201


 Graphic, MILK Studios © Jill Lynne 2018




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